Sculpture "The Protecting Wing" by Mark Madsen

"The Protecting Wing"

Bronze, 34" W x 25" H x 20" D

Recognition: John Spring Founders Award

Exhibited: National Sculpture Society

"I remember an 8-year-old boy whose passion was to wander in the woods wherever he found them. One day, in Wisconsin, he saw a ball of white fluff perched on a pile of sticks wedged in the crotch of a tree. He walked closer to investigate.  From out of nowhere the wings of a great horned owl fluttered down to settle beside the owlet. She inverted her wings and fluffed up into a threat posture to hiss and clatter her beak - and the boy was duly intimidated. Eventually, he summoned his courage to walk around and try to see the owlet. The mother turned in a circle facing him, and inserted her wing between the boy and the owlet, wherever he moved, and he never saw the owlet again.  This event smoldered in the boy's memory, and decades later, he sculpted The Protecting Wing." 

- Roy Madsen, "For Love the Beast Itself," Wildlife Art (July/August 2006)